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SGI Meet and Greet Cancelled (September 12)

Canada is now embroiled in an election campaign that nobody wished for and that arrived two years before it needed to.
One result of this was the cancellation of our September 12 Saanich-Gulf Islands AGM. Our executive group had decided to turn that event into a meet and greet opportunity with Elizabeth.
Unfortunately, the campaign wheel keeps turning and the time and opportunity available to our Executive Council and our volunteers is increasingly sparse, as are any spare moments on Elizabeth’s calendar. There is also uncertainty created by Covid concerns.
It is my obligation to regretfully inform you that the event we had scheduled for September 12 has been cancelled. This was not an easy decision as it involves a get-together of our Green family.
As a result, we will gather after the election, when it is safe to do so and we can enjoy each other’s company.
Thank you very much.
Dan Kells
Interim CEO
Saanich-Gulf Islands EDA
Green Party of Canada

SGI Greens AGM Announcement

This is a special email to let you know of the  upcoming Saanich-Gulf Islands Greens Annual General Meeting on the afternoon of September 12th, 2021.  If you are a Green Party of Canada (GPC) member, you may also receive this email via the GPC.  With this email we hope to reach non-members as well as members in case some would like to renew or start a GPC membership. Continue reading SGI Greens AGM Announcement

March 2021 SGI Newsletter Addendum

It happens – you press “send” and within moments there is new information that should have been included in the newsletter and it’s time sensitive. Or, you messed up and only printed part of an article.

So here we go – with some items that did not make last week’s March 2021 newsletter, or are important updates that can’t wait for April.  We appreciate your indulgence in this additional email. Continue reading March 2021 SGI Newsletter Addendum