Our local Executive Committee

For past years, EDA Executive Committee members are listed here, and their bios here.

Our 2021-2022 Saanich-Gulf Islands EDA Executive Committee:
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Dan Kells – Chief Executive Officer (Interim CEO, May 15, 2021; CEO, January 22, 2022)
Sharon Forrester – Financial Agent (to May 2022; see bio here)
Jennifer Kennedy – Financial Agent (from June 2022 onward)
Nancy Searing – Secretary
Linda Brown – Member-at-large
Karen Lindsay – Member-at-large (resigned in February, 2022) (see bio here)
Helena Murray-Hill – Member-at-large
Mary Leslie – Member-at-large


Dan Kells – Chief Executive Officer,
from North Saanich,
first 3-year term, ending 2022

From my job as a junior forest ranger at 17 to a surveyor working the length of Vancouver Island, my interests have always included the natural history of where I live. I wish to preserve our natural environment and just as importantly, our human place in that complex ecosystem. In 2004, I became the founding CEO of the North Vancouver GPC EDA. For three years, I was a sign maker and erector and campaign manager among other duties.

Now that I am retired, I volunteer with Peninsula Streams, Dominion Brook Park and the Green party. To me, local community is the key to everything. You can’t affect your country or the world unless you work at the community level. I am proud to add a voice of varied experience and assist our local EDA team to continue to be the best in Canada.


Nancy Searing – Secretary,
from North Saanich,
first 3-year term, ending 2023

Even though I had voted Green for a few elections when I heard Elizabeth May was planning to move to Sidney and run for the Green Party in SGI I was thrilled to finally have a candidate who exemplified my values and had a chance of winning the seat. In about 2009 I went to the meeting in the basement of St. John’s church with about 20 other people when Elizabeth announced her candidacy. I have been involved ever since. I have canvassed, helped with lawn signs and data entry. I have been a member of the Events Team since 2015 and more recently I co-lead the Events Team with my husband Gary.

I see myself as a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of person with decent organization skills and a willingness to help where needed. I was the secretary of the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada for 6 years, practiced Social Work in my career and am currently an Iyengar Yoga instructor and serve on the board of the Peninsula Yoga Centre in Sidney. As a grandmother I am horrified at the prospect of a future on this planet that will be forever negatively changed if the effects of climate change are not addressed immediately. My intention is to do what I can to support the vitally important work Elizabeth does.


Linda Brown – Member-at-large,
from North Saanich,
second 3-year term, ending 2024

I am a retired pharmacist who has always called the BC coast home, from Squamish to Vancouver and now North Saanich. My professional career spanned hospital, government and health authority jobs, most recently as an educator for family physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists.  I have a healthy regard for the difference between rhetoric and evidence, am quite organized most of the time, and pay close attention to detail. I’m an avid gardener and love our precious coast.

I first became involved with the federal Green Party after attending a presentation by Elizabeth many months before the 2011 election campaign. I was hooked immediately, and have since helped with the 2015, 2019 and 2021 campaigns as well as joining the board for my first term in 2018. It’s been a pleasure to help support Elizabeth and the GPC.


Helena Murray-Hill – Member-at-large,
first 3-year term, ending 2023

As a political science student, I was keenly interested in gettng involved with the 2019 election. I chose to canvass and scrutineer for the Green Party and had the privilege of joining Elizabeth May on a canvassing blitz. I was astonished by her passion and knowledge of the complex issues she represented in her campaign. I was thrilled to have the chance to represent the often overlooked voices of young people and immerse myself in the campaign process of a party whose values reflected my own. Like many young people, I am dismayed by the lack of access to affordable higher education. As well, I believe the federal government is not taking the climate crisis seriously enough.

As a young person, student, and essential worker, I bring a unique energy and perspective. I am interested in running for the EDA so I can continue to immerse myself in the Green Party’s campaign process and support an organization that upholds my values and
represents my interests at the highest level of government.


Mary Leslie – Member-at-large,
first 3-year term, ending 2024

I moved to Vancouver Island from Burnaby in Nov. 2015 and was thrilled to have landed in Elizabeth May’s riding. No more strategic voting, I said with relief. Having Adam as an MLA is an extra plus.

I was born and lived briefly in northwestern Alberta and spent all my growing up years in Ontario, north of Toronto, until moving to BC to take my masters at UBC. I lived in Vancouver and Bowen Island before moving to Burnaby and now Sidney. I became interested in politics while taking a political sociology course in my BA program, many years ago and have been involved in political campaigns from time to time; most recently I was supporting Kennedy Stewart in Burnaby (whose passion for environmental issues was not always supported by his NDP counterparts, I might add). Trans Mountain/Kinder Morgan issues were front and center for me there, especially as I lived just meters from the pipeline; they continue to be important for me.

I am semi-retired, as a clinical social worker, having worked mostly in health fields, private practice and teaching as a sessional faculty member at UBC School of Social Work. I have had two very impactful visits to Fairy Creek and am passionate about saving our old growth forests. Hiking and outdoor activities have always been important to me and to my two now adult sons. I am enjoying sharing this passion with my two grandchildren in California. They have added an even greater urgency to my efforts re environmental issues.

I have campaigned for Adam and for Elizabeth in each of their last two elections in several capacities and have been impressed by the level of organization and deep commitment of those involved. I hope to be able to lend my skills where they are needed most and to be of support for Elizabeth’s fine contributions in any way I can.