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“Captive regulator” (May 29, 2022)

Good Sunday Morning!

When I wrote last week’s letter, I mentioned storm warnings for Ottawa and high winds in Guelph. Clearly, as more reports came in, it became clear that large areas of Ontario and Quebec had been hit by an unprecedented extreme weather event driven by the climate crisis. Eleven people died. Power was out to tens of thousands for the whole week as Hydro One in Ottawa explained damage was more severe than in the 1998 ice storm – also a climate event. As has become typical, most news media rushed to explain new terms, bypassing the obvious: we are in a climate emergency. Continue reading “Captive regulator” (May 29, 2022)

Green Phantom Riders, June 5th 2022

Many SAAN-RA and SGI Greens remember the fun we had  riding the  four- wheeled 24 seat Big Bike through Sidney, June 2019, to fundraise for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Regrettably, due to the pandemic, the Big Bike Ride is a no-go. Instead H&S created  a fundraising DIY initiative that gives supporters an opportunity to develop their own approach to raising money.


Your SAAN-RA Executive set up  a virtual bike ride on Salt Spring Island from Fulford Harbour to Vesuvius Bay – a scenic and rigorous ride – on Sunday, June, 5th. Twenty challenging kilometres, 305 meters climbing!  All virtual.

Virtual riders don’t have to put up with traffic, saddle sores, muscle cramps or flats.  No headwinds or downpours. Sunscreen, bike shorts, and helmet; not required. Best of all, no worries about missing the ferry back to the Island.

Please join the rest of us Green Phantoms, ride the virtual route,  and support the Heart and Stoke Foundation. Here is the Team link on the Heart and Stroke website:

SGI Greens May 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the Saanich-Gulf Islands Newsletter for May! In here you will find a note from Elizabeth, and news from the EDA and the BC Greens.  Also, we have enjoyed highlighting various non-profits in our community and local community events and hope that you have enjoyed that also. Last but definitely not least we present our ever-enlightening gardening article courtesy of Gary and Nancy Searing, local events coming up in Saanich, and Sidney, and information about a new virtual reality climate change course. Continue reading SGI Greens May 2022 Newsletter

Free parking for freighters (May 8, 2022)

Good Sunday Morning!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Originally, Mothers Day was one women’s effort to honour her own mother.  Ann Reeves Jarvis, who died in 1905, had been a peace activist in the American Civil War. She and Julia Ward Howe, another peace activist, started “Mother’s Day for Peace.” Her daughter took the effort to governments to gain official recognition for Mother’s Day. And then Hallmark cards took over. Continue reading Free parking for freighters (May 8, 2022)