SGI Greens AGM Announcement

This is a special email to let you know of the  upcoming Saanich-Gulf Islands Greens Annual General Meeting on the afternoon of September 12th, 2021.  If you are a Green Party of Canada (GPC) member, you may also receive this email via the GPC.  With this email we hope to reach non-members as well as members in case some would like to renew or start a GPC membership.

If you reside outside of the Saanich-Gulf Islands EDA, please disregard this email for nomination purposes (but you would be welcome to attend).  Our regular monthly newsletter will be issued in the next couple of weeks.


Dear member or prospective member of the Saanich-Gulf Islands (SGI) Greens;

This is an important message for all SGI Green supporters – please read through to the end!


I have just finished reading a most amazing book by Jane Goodall titled “Seeds of Hope”.  Jane is now 87 years old and has seen horrific changes to the world that we are familiar with. However, for a book with Hope in the title, Jane never relents on reminding humans that not only did we make this mess but that we can also work to make it right. She is a champion of every living thing even though this book is more about trees than anything else.


So what does that have to do with us here on Vancouver Island?  Certainly, trees are at top of mind right now, with old-growth logging continuing and climate change fueled fire and even insects destroying forests. Champions of all sorts are needed now, more than ever, to help our natural world continue to nourish us.


Elizabeth May is one of those environmental champions and has been working hard on behalf of the people of SGI for ten years now (as we recently celebrated). But Elizabeth is not alone in her efforts within SGI. The Electoral District Association (EDA) works closely with her to create and administer events and communications that feature the messages of the Green Party and to help Elizabeth interact with her constituents.


On the afternoon of September 12th, Saanich-Gulf Islands EDA will be holding their Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for every member to participate in the important business of keeping our local Green Party strong and relevant.


The most essential business of the day will be the election of new members to our executive council. It is with the best interests of all concerned, and mandated in our constitution that we rotate new members through our council. To do that, we require people to be nominated or nominate themselves to one of the positions on council.


We are seeking interested people to run for positions on our council, including members at large plus the position of Financial Agent, which is presently held by Sharon Forrester. Please contact her if you would like to learn more.  We will also require a new CEO as I am presently serving in that capacity as interim CEO. If you have any questions concerning that position or have any other questions, please email Dan Kells.


Serving on the SGI EDA executive is a meaningful opportunity for members to give back to their Green community and to get to know your fellow Greens here and in other regions. In a time of environmental and societal stress, you might just find providing this service to your community to be a rewarding experience. Please note that nominations for executive roles must be received by July 29th.  Please send nominations (yours or others) to Karen Lindsay.      


This is an excellent time to check your membership with the Green Party of Canada or become a new member so that you will be able to vote at the SGI AGM, as well as in the upcoming virtual Green Party of Canada Biennial General Meeting which will be taking place on August 21st (further details to come).

You must be a member at least 30 days prior to our AGM (= August 12th) in order to vote and participate in the meeting, however non-members may attend but not participate or vote.

Please note that donating funds does not guarantee party membership as political parties can’t automatically enroll you with a donation – you must agree to become a member.  There are two ways to check your membership or become a member:

  1. Log into the GPC website here and then click on My profile.
  2. Call 1-866-868-3447, extension 202 for Donations and Membership to connect with the GPC office in Ottawa.


Details about registration and the location / time of the SGI-EDA Annual General Meeting on the afternoon of September 12th will be announced shortly. 


Thank you,

Dan Kells, Interim CEO

Saanich-Gulf Islands EDA

Green Party of Canada

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