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Not outraged (February 28, 2021)

Good Sunday Morning!

And ushering in March tomorrow – marking a full year of pandemic.

My husband remarked the other morning as our dog Xo came bounding along, all chipper and ready for another really fun doggy day, “The best description of dogs I have ever heard,” said John, “is the ‘Designated Optimist.’”

And – boy oh boy – do we ever need a way to bottle optimism and have it handy!! Continue reading Not outraged (February 28, 2021)

Mining vs Indigenous Rights (February 21, 2021)

Good Sunday Morning!

As I wrote in last Sunday’s missive I would, I made a pitch to the Speaker on Monday to ensure fairness in Question Period.  I asked him to rule we have rights to participate in QP and to direct that the other parties meet with us and negotiate a fair distribution of questions, including a slot to ask Wednesday questions.  Wednesday has become a critical day in QP as Justin Trudeau is on his feet in response to every question.  One cannot say he actually answers the questions, but he does stand up. (Actually on zoom he remains seated, but he does do the zoom equivalent – his video camera is engaged!) Continue reading Mining vs Indigenous Rights (February 21, 2021)